Iain Grant Sound

Iain Grant Sound

With a belief that the best sound goes unnoticed, Iain Grant is a London-based sound designer who makes authentic soundscapes to convey real and subtle emotions.

Iain has 30 years’ experience across award-winning films and notable campaigns for the world’s leading brands.

He’s flexible around budget, location, creativity and timescale; working independently or collaboratively, directing voice overs or composers, in a sound booth or at someone’s house – even on a Sunday night.

But as well as being flexible, Iain has firm principles: he works only on projects he believes in and causes he supports.

Iain will bring a project to life with the sound, and he’d rather not do it at all if he can’t do it well.

Email hello@iaingrantsound.com
Tel +44 (0) 7973 319175
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